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FSAC in Action

Volunteering for FSAC is a great way to grow professionally, develop leadership skills, and build relationships with highly-engaged peers across the country.

Opportunities abound for members to share their passion and expertise to make a positive impact on the funeral services profession.

Are you ready to make a difference?  To join any of these committees submit your completed Volunteer Form, or contact the office at 613-505-0277 or


FSAC Committees

Want more information on the work we're doing?  Click the links below to access our committee pages!

Executive Committee

Awards and Scholarship Committee

Convention Planning Committee

Education Committee 

Finance Committee

Governance Committee

Government Relations Committee 

Membership Affairs Committee

Supplier Committee

 Why Committees and Task Forces are Essential

Involves members in the development and delivery of services
Represent member opinion to decision-makers
Means to better serve member needs through interaction
Opportunity for group problem-solving
Forum for the presentation of multiple points of view
Training ground for future leadership

    How Committees and Task Forces Support FSACs Strategic Priorities

    Identifies potential activities to support the priorities
    Communicate to members the strategic agenda for FSAC
    Evaluate, comment and provide feedback to the Board of Directors on the progress of the priorities
    Provide input on new strategic priorities to be considered by the Board of Directors 

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